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Foundations in True Abundance

(Six weekly webinar classes)

Foundations in True Abundance is a highly interactive and participatory six-session on-line class designed to knock your socks off. Created with committed fundraising professionals and volunteers in mind, this course helps you to address the fundamental issues blocking your organization from a fundraising breakthrough. Specific individual coaching peppers each session where students bring their challenges and interact with peers and instructors to move to a place of power and effectiveness. To encourage participation and learning, Quantum Jump classes are kept intentionally small.

Summer Session - $750.00   Special offer $399

Dates:   TBA

BONUS - Each FiTA course participant will receive 2 hours of one on one coaching with a Qujump leader. 

Fall Session   TBA

Dates:   TBA

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Your Commitment:

Attend all classes and participate fully. Do the homework and integrate what you learn into the everyday work and vision of your organization. 

Our Commitment:

Quantum Jump educational seminars are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. We trust that when you participate fully, or "play big" in our classes, you will unleash true abundance in your organization. If you play big and are not satisfied with the results, we will return your money.

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What We Do

Quantum Jump is committed to helping your social profit organization fully realize its fundraising capacity. We provide leadership, guidance and resources to help your organization move from scarcity to abundance and dramatically increase your ability to reach your mission. Our live, cutting edge, interactive, challenging online education series weaves together the best of proven practice and application.

We offer a three-tiered series:

  • Foundations in True Abundance

  • Leadership in Transformation

  • Take the Jump

We live in this mysterious world as if we understand it and so wonder becomes lost. We live as if we know more than we donít know and that isnít true. Each moment of our lives we stand at a crossroads: we can reduce the profound to the mundane or we can intuit the continuous and vital mystery through which we move.

G. BlueStone